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Our Story

Dunbar art trail is a free to use trail showcasing the public artworks around the town. Highlighting their stories and bringing to life the great art that exists in public spaces. We have not commissioned any of the artworks featured and this is not a commentary on their quality or lack there of. This website is a resource of information. We hope that the feedback from the existing public art will in turn inform decision making and we will be making all analytical data available to the local authority art department. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies at time of use, if you spot an error let us know and we can hopefully fix it, if you notice something wrong on the roads, surfaces, artworks then please contact East Lothian Council and they will fix it.

Dunbar has a vibrant artistic community with many exhibitions and art groups and has seen a number of high profile additions to its list of public art in recent years including the world famous Andy Scott and his Dunbear tribute to John Muir.

We hope you enjoy exploring the art trail and would love to see your pictures across social media using the hashtag #dunbararttrail. You will also find downloadable sheets to tick off the artworks as you go. Have fun!

Should you need to contact us email or via Instagram

All Images copyright @Mags Brown Photography

All Historical Information researched by Roy Pugh

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