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buttercup mural

Buttercup Mural

Artist: James Duncan Ltd; artist Thomas Curr 

Location: 136 High St

For many years, premises occupied by Robert Aitken, chemist and aerated water manufacturer. The Buttercup Dairy Company opened this shop in the 1920s, operating until about 1960. The tile mural in the entrance illustrates a young girl holding a buttercup to a docile cow; the mural was the trademark of the Company. Several other examples of the mural survive today at Selkirk, Innerleithen and Denny.

James Duncan created ceramic tiles for nearly a century in Glasgow. Edinburgh artist Tom Curr (1887-1958) worked for the Edinburgh printers McLagan & Cumming. He designed posters and images for other retail businesses including the iconic Scots Porage Oats picture of a man in a kilt throwing the shot putt. Thomas Curr was also a cartoonist  for the Edinburgh Evening News.

What's Nearby?

The shop is now an antique shop with an array of unusual antique items. Well worth browsing to see what other historical gems you can find on your travels.

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