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Heraldic Sculpture

Heraldic Sculpture

Artist: Unknown

Location: the Glebe

Heraldic plaque of sandstone which bears the Arms of the Royal Burgh of Dunbar with carved fish on the pedestal. The plaque was created to celebrate the Dunbar outdoor swimming pool, boating

pond and pavilion/ballroom created between 1927 and 1931. The swimming pool was a major attraction between 1929 and 1982. It

was demolished in 1985. The heraldic sculpture may have been commissioned by the building contractor John Monteith, Dalkeith who constructed the pool

What's Nearby?

If you walk the steps down to the rocky beach below you will find a cave with a painted eye, known locally as the 'Eye Cave' The beach was the home of the European Stone Stacking championships and featured on BBC's The One Show.

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