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horse mill

Horse Mill

Artist: Andrew Meikle

Location: Newhouse Farm

An eighteenth century grade B listed horse mill renovated in the 1960s. Built to grind corn, today the mill has fallen into disrepair again. The building, part of Newhouse Farm Steading is circular with three rubble support walls, pantiled roof surmounted by a cockerel finial – all supported by horizontal tie-beams. The  central mill post was operated by a pair of horses walking round and round. In 2011, investigation of the structure found this traditional horse mill in very poor condition with exposed and rotting timbers. A converted version survives as a private house at the foot of the West Port, opposite the Police Station. 

Andrew Meikle (1719-1811) was born in East Linton. A mechanical engineer, he worked as a mill wright at Houston Mill. He is credited with inventing the threshing machine which he patented in 1778. In 1786, Meikle perfected his horse mill and also created sails for windmills which could folded during storms. Andrew Meikle died on 27 November 1811; his remains were interred in  Prestonkirk Churchyard marked by an impressive memorial monument.

What's Nearby?

A short walk along towards the new estates you will find an underpass across the rail tracks which leads you out into the field featuring the Dunbear.

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