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bird gate

What's Nearby?

The entrance to Garden lane can be found next to the Found Gallery which is well worth a visit. With unique interesting artworks from a variety of artists you'll kill some time browsing their ever changing exhibitions.

Bird Gate

Artist: Robin Wood

Location: Garden Lane

A totemic winged bird forms the entrance gate to The Ridge's training garden. The beautiful wooden carving captures the spiritual potency of the bird as a 'power animal', drawing attention to its capacity for flight. This ties in with The Ridge's name - chosen for its metaphorical significance as a high place from which flight is launched. More prosaically, the idea is to encourage people to look at the landscape and to open up the view of people to develop their own potential and the possible routes forward, part of The Ridge's aims and objectives. The visceral artwork also embodies the sense that to be different is fine and celebrated, something very much embraced by the trainees who have, through their own efforts, created the garden. The artwork was completed and installed in July 2017

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