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Sea Cubes.jpg

Sea Cubes

Artist: Donald Urquhart

Location: the Battery

Donald Urquhart was commissioned to create a major, new site-specific artwork as part of the Battery improvements project. Urquhart has an internationally recognized practice, which includes several major public artworks across Scotland. Included in these, is the award winning SEA BEAMS at Dysart and AN TURAS on the Isle of Tiree. Notable too is his Sanctuary, which was Scotland’s first specifically designed inter-denominational space, at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, which won the Best Building for Public Use Award at the Scottish Design Awards.

Urquhart developed a work, which is both visually dynamic and sensitive to its location. The form of the cube echoes that of the embrasures in the Battery walls and is derived from the cubic form of sea salt crystal (which alludes to salt panning, a historic industry of East Lothian).

The reflective surface of the cubes, allows a principal component of the work to be sunlight. The orientation of the Battery will allow sunlight to be reflected towards the entrance of the structure. The upper surfaces will reflect the sky, creating eleven planes of light. 

What's Nearby?

The Dunbar Harbour Battery is a performance space with many cinema and music events held there throughout the year. The site of an old war time hospital the transformation to a usable community space is remarkable.

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